▶ Music Diary ◀

●2022/Dec/16● The big switch is almost complete. I have finished my first song in Reaper, and now that I'm in an environment conducive to recording hardware, I can actually dig into hardware synth manipulation outside of the SC-88Pro! I spent the night making custom patches on the JD-08 (A compact version of the JD-800). I'm finding it very nice for constructing lo-fi ambient pads that evolve. They will work well with the new music I am working on post-album, which is more electronic.

●2022/Oct/01● My brother gifted me one of the last, if not last copy of Distorted Reality 2 being sold directly by Spectrasonics! It comes just as am getting back into making music that uses more than one synth source. I'm using Reaper as a new home for this, but it has a learning curve. I'm optimistic, because I was able to get used to Sekaiju—widely considered to be unintuitive.

●2022/Aug/31● Finally making this website "public". I don't know why I never had it linked anywhere until now. The song I'm playing over and over today is "Menu" from Kaze No Notam.

●Passenger Album Jorunal●

●2022/Aug/05● Everything happend so fast, I didn't even think to update after my album came out on the 18th of July! It's here on Bandcamp! The days leading up to it were a blur. I was making all of the visuals in PowerPoint for the youtube upload. In the end, even though the album premired with less visuals done than I had envisioned, It was worth it. I am so happy that the album resonated with so many people as it really is the most passion I have put into a personal project... ever? Yes. I think easily >< . I certainly felt like I put as much work into it as I did my master's thesis I was completing at the same time.

●2022/Mar/09● About a month ago, I "finished" the album! I have only showed it to one person so far and it was a hit! There are still minor tweaks I want to make to the midi files to make the end product when being recorded through the module more consistent. There are some dropped pitch bends and portamento I need to tweak before I can make the final recordings (Espesially on Passenger, ;w;). Once those final recordings are done, I will send it off to master!

●2022/Jan/08● All space on the album has been filled... completely. The total running time right now is about 80 min exactly, and because I so strongly value physical CDs, I won't go any longer. Now I am just tidying up some of the parts on a few songs that were in a WIP state. I started working on this album seriously three years ago a bit before I got my SC88Pro, and only now can I finally listen to it all the way through to gauge pacing. After doing so, there are definetly some sections of the songs that I would like to loop, but it's not an option now!

●2021/Sep/29● Update on Birdhouse: The atmosphere of the warpy sections is coming together nicely and is a much needed contrast from the rest of the album. I want it to feel like worms burrowing in soil. I added a low choir melody sampled from a goofy sound of a guy from a Presentation Audio CD. It really adds to the atmosphere. I also made some calculations on how far I am on the album. Right now, I'm about 87% done with both "Act 1" and Act 2" of the album. At (probably) 75 minutes, I'm really pushing the length of a CD compmared to my previous album.

●2021/Aug/25● Zuntata is such a big inspiration for its playful use of samples. It's fun trying to get use out of the limited vocal samples I have within the self-imposed limitations of my album.

●2021/Aug/21● Haven't worked on the album in a while, but I am developing some ideas for the song I call "Birdhouse". It's intended to be the (relatively) slow break towards the end, and I am especially being inspired by subtle warpy pads and synths from early 2000s anime (think Hip Tanaka Pokemon music). Right now it's probably 75% done. I basically need to find a graceful way to graft the beginning and end of the song together.